Digestive Health

IBS: Plunging My Way through Decades of Tummy Turmoil

I only grasped how lousy I’d been feeling when I had something to compare it with. By the time the symptoms had eased or disappeared completely, I’d been suffering so consistently, for so long, that I no longer realized there was another possible reality. My symptoms were just – part of who I was. 

Managing Digestive Issues through Self-Awareness and Planning

Changing is easy. Maintaining changes, now that is another story. You see it all the time, someone comes out of the gate, ready to tackle the world. They’re going to get fit, start a new diet, spend more time with loved ones, or save more money. Everything seems to be on track, and then suddenly they hit a wall. The steam runs out. Most concede defeat and return to the status quo. They simply weren’t prepared for predictable barriers and obstacles.

What the Heck are FODMAPs? And How Do I Avoid Them?

Some people have adverse reactions to consumption of short chain carbohydrates. These adverse reactions are not a consequence of malabsorption of short chain carbohydrates. They result from the response of the body, in some people, to that malabsorption.


An Athletic Trainer Shares Fitness Strategies

I recently met with T.J. Kuster to discuss what he considers when creating programs, advice for beginners, and the importance of various types of movements was eye-opening and thought-provoking.TJ is a certified athletic trainer (ATC), certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), certified personal trainer through the NCSF, and is a certified Parisi Performance Coach. 

Yoga as a Journey, Lifestyle, and Healing Practice

There are multiple layers of complexity within yoga. On the one hand, there are poses that are physically challenging to any yogi. On the other hand, the holding of poses for longer periods of time can be mentally and emotionally challenging.

On the Fence About Yoga?

Yoga isn’t, as sometimes perceived, “just an hour of stretching”. It builds strength, improves posture, aids in digestion, and yes, it will improve your range of motion. But that’s listing just a handful of the numerous physical benefits…


Meditation: Focusing Attention

The mind can become more calm and still without being void of thoughts. In fact, there are many meditation techniques that involve focusing on specific thoughts, or noting thoughts but not getting tangled up in them.

Releasing Stress and Tension through Meditation

Our body is typically reacting to stress long before we’re consciously aware of it. As we become more adept at observing ourselves, we cultivate our ability to identify the early signs of stress. Regular meditation increases our awareness of both physical sensations, and the ways that our mind and body interact.

Passion & Creativity

When Passion, Purpose, and Money Don’t Cross Paths

I decided it was time to invest in myself. With grown kids and stable income, I had the means and the time to return to art as a hobby and to work on my creative writing. Something amazing happened. It was so much more fun to do these things without the pressure of performance or the need to conform to any standards of what’s popular at the time. 

When You Love a Book

I love that instant when a book pulls you in, when you can no longer put it down. Up until that point you can pick it up at your convenience, read a chapter, and set it down to do other things. Then, as you turn the next page, you go from being yourself to being the main character. You perceive their world through their eyes. You feel their joy, pain, fear, and sense of pride.

Personal Development

Do I Have the Will to Become The Person I Want to Be?

We have more willpower available to us when we are motivated and determined. We are more committed when what we’re striving for is tied to our ideal identity, who we would like our future self to be. It’s important to ask whether our goals are actually ours. At times, we get caught up in what we feel we “should” want, or what others want for us.

How to Create Life-Changing New Habits

Creating new habits, and breaking old ones, can be a difficult and challenging process. With a solid strategy, and a few new skills, we can begin creating life-changing new habits that help us overcome obstacles which have been holding us back. 

The Art of Assertiveness

Assertiveness is a mindset, that is demonstrated through our behavior. It is also a skill, that can be learned, practiced, and improved upon. It is not about “getting what you want”, it’s about having your desires be a part of the conversation, alongside of and as valued as anyone else’s.


Add “50 First Dates” to Your Long-Term Relationship

Carving out time for intimacy becomes even more vital as relationships progress. Connecting as a couple is an essential component of having a healthy and satisfying long-term relationship.

Talking Stalking

Stalkers may be acquaintances, current or former intimate partners, or someone unknown to the target of the unwanted attention… Stalking behaviors that utilize technology and do not involve direct communication can go unnoticed and undetected for long periods of time.

Relationship Red Flags

In abusive relationships, one partner seeks to gain, and maintain, power and control over the other. This is accomplished through the use of various manipulative tactics.


How to Make a Bad Day Better

Have you ever had a bad day? Are you having one now? I would like to propose a few strategies to employ on just such an occasion. To discover what’s really wrong, you may need to turn your attention inward, to collect a little evidence. Keep searching until you find an answer that resonates, has that “ring of truth”. Sometimes just identifying the true source of a foul mood can shift it.

Self-Care is a Reflection of Self-Worth

Taken broadly, self-care is a collection of behaviors that reflect someone’s sense of worthiness. Making time to care for yourself is evidence of a desire to develop, strengthen, support, discover, and cherish your truest self.  Knowing how to take care of yourself in each moment, and through time, depends on an awareness and acceptance of yourself as you have been, are, and could be.

Sleep Like a Boss!

One way to improve sleep is to go to bed, and wake up, at (or around) the same time every day. Many people drastically change their sleep habits from day to day, or between weekdays and weekends. Our bodies would prefer a predictable routine.

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