Hi, my name is Chris Dove, also known as the “Irregular Girl”.

I am a writer, presenter, consultant, sociologist, optimist, aspiring minimalist, recovering perfectionist, pathfinder, and human (post coffee).

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When I’m reading, writing, immersed in nature, dancing, or spending time with loved ones, I can get completely absorbed in the moment. Time stands still, my mind and body are at ease. I become more grounded, free of stress and concern. Put another way, I experience flow.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)

There are few things I love more than learning, absorbing new knowledge about the world around me. As soon as I discover new information, which causes me to reconstruct what I know from a new angle, or make a different connection, I immediately want to share those insights with others.

This site was created to discuss what I’ve learned about myself, and my health, while modifying my diet and lifestyle. As I’ve aged, I have become more focused on wellness, in part, to avoid triggering symptoms caused by my digestive issues.

IBS: Plunging My Way Through Decades of Tummy Turmoil

Ready to Take on the World!

Greater awareness of my mind and body has led to many lifestyle adaptations. I’ve learned to live in harmony and with greater balance. Staying fit, hydrating, relaxing, and managing stress are essential components of my well-being. When I’m taking care of myself on all fronts, I’m full of life, energetic, and resilient!

I hope that sharing what I learn along the way will help others.

Thank You for Visiting!