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When I left the doctors office, after hearing for the first time that I had IBS, I truly had no idea what that meant. At the time, I could not have imagined how many areas of my life would be impacted by that revelation.

The Quest to Quiet My Belly

Today, I feel my quality of life, health, and well-being have improved tremendously as a result of the lifestyle modifications I have made.

There are many causes of IBS symptoms, and what brings relief is often unique to the individual. This does not mean that there is no overlap in what works. In fact, there is significant overlap.

Having IBS does not just affect someone’s health. “Irregulars” have to figure out how to educate friends and family about their symptoms, and the ways they manage them. Those who find dietary regimes or restrictions that are helpful must navigate eating out, traveling, and communicating their needs to holidays hosts. Colleagues and supervisors must be made aware of symptom triggers and recovery.

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