Wonderful Blogs

Here are a few blogs worth checking out!

25 Percent

Tammy and Tyra are courageously sharing their traumatic experiences and healing journey in hopes that it will help others find comfort. Their site is informative, empowering, and enlightening. The resources provide invaluable information for survivors, and also their friends and family. Anyone who is involved in advocacy and raising awareness should visit this site!

Delicious As It Looks

Dianne is a food blogger and photographer, who was diagnosed with IBS more than 20 years ago. She has created an amazing website, Delicious As It Looks, with a phenomenal selection of recipes for those with sensitive bellies.


DIELIVING describes their blog as a movement, a response to the “growing need to connect with something real.” They hope to inspire others through posts about adventure, fitness, nature, and mindfulness. I can say, I am constantly impressed by what I read on the site. There is no doubt they are putting out “ideas that help us reconnect with who we truly are.”

Everyday Health

Providing a great resource for people with a wide range of conditions, Everyday Health covers everything from sun screen to prescription drugs. It really is wellness enabled!

Shelest Publishing

The lovely site of our first guest author, Elena Shelest is a catalyst for new discoveries that help people find their purpose and live a more balanced life. Her posts cover a range of topics including creativity, stress management, and step out of their comfort zone.

Health eNews

This is a go-to source for timely and relevant health news and information. The blog covers breaking stories, wellness tips, exercise advice, treatment options, inspiring patient stories, and so much more!

Leblon Blue

If you’re looking for a wonderful, high-quality personal finance blog, visit Leblon Blue. It covers ideas and trends that will shape your long term decisions and goals. If you’re looking for financial freedom and stability, start here!

Magical Overload

If you want to visit a place of wonder, look no further than this site! Lindsay, the site founder, finds the magic in life, no matter how hectic it gets. She is intentionally milking every minute of quality time she can get with her family, then sharing valuable insights and tips learned along the way, so others can do the same.

Time To Log Off 

After personally suffering the adverse effects of a screen-dominated life, Tanya Goodin founded Time To Log Off, with a mission to investigate what digital wellbeing looks like.

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